Rep. Anthony Weiner Resigns

Posted on June 18, 2011


I’m still asking myself why on this one.  I’m assuming at this point he resigned because of peer pressure, he had to resign or else nothing was going to get done politically.  I mean even Nancy Pelosi was giggling over this one.  However if we go by what Representative Anthony Weiner ( @RepWeiner )  has said, he needs to get healthy for himself and family, and won’t beable to do that by being in the spot light from this. 

And what is this exactly?  Well he tweeted his junk in what has been explained in a rather bizarre and explicit escapade.  Basically he sexted.  But should that mean he should have to step down and resign?  I mean must I bring up Bill Clinton?  Didn’t he have SEX in the oval office with an intern and not have to step down?  Don’t common individuals everyday tweet their junk and not lose their jobs?  If anything I think he should have to take a reprieve and let it soften a bit before he resumes but this is what politics are all about, unfairness.

So I now ask you all to weigh in?  Do you find this as unfair as I?  Do you think he stepped down because of peer pressure from the Democrats?  Or do you find him to be a plain and simple pervert and shouldn’t hold any sort of political office?