Syria’s Regime, War Criminal’s?

Posted on June 18, 2011


Some of the most horrendous hell happens right here on Earth.  This morning I am disheartened once again by what I have learned about the Middle East especially Syria.  Many Syrian refugee’s have decided that instead of dying of terrorism, starvation, sickness, and rape they would flee to Turkey; I believe I read on CNN’s website that it was up to 10100.  Sources are reporting today on the news that Syria’s regime has decided to move into the town of Badama near Turkey where these refugees could cross to safety or get food and water.  Being shot at by their own government, rape, and torture are daily occurences for the citizen’s of Syria.

Here’s Anderson Cooper from CNN talking about the US now weighing war crimes against Syria’s Regime. 

I say, it’s about damn time.  These people are dying, they are being killed by their own government and the world is sitting back watching it on TV.  I know we are broke, jobless, losing our homes, have no medical insurance, and want to buy a new iPhone but I believe and this is a very strong opinion of mine as I lay awake at night thankfully safe and sound, not afraid my government will rape me or torture one of my loved ones; it is time this regime needs to be taken out, it’s time to save these people’s lives, it’s time to stop watching this on TV and step up to bat and show this regime that they aren’t as untouchable as they seem to think they are.  It’s time to save these people’s lives.  Please, PLEASE.

Now it’s time for your view, war crime’s or not?  Should someone step in or leave it for Syria to figure out?